Selected data from the necropolis excavations and survey are made available in an open form, links are provided below.

-> All datasets on Zenodo relating to Project Panormos:

Survey data repositories

-> For background to the survey project see Survey.
-> For motivations and background to Open Data pilot see Strupler and Wilkinson 2017 (

About release version numbering:

Data is release under a versioning system that indicates the degree of work/editing that has so far been applied: `x.y.z`, where x=edited/published status; y=major data collection; z=minor data updates or corrections. The versioning facilitates cross-compatibility or coherence between data sets. Versions before 1.0.0 are effectively ‘beta’/interim releases; filenames, links and variable names for data may change between beta versions. Versions from 1.y.z will be released in tandem with more complete published reports and represent the canonical version of the data, after which filenames and variables will remain fixed until a 2.y.z.

  • 0.1.0 – The first interim release; this includes data, code and associated files from the 2015 season. Contents are edited for release but results should be considered interim or provisional.


Necropolis Excavations data repositories

  • panormos/necropolis-data – in prep.
  • panormos/necropolis-spatial – in prep.


Conditions of use

Please read the LICENSE files contained within each release for the specific conditions of release. In most instances, data is released under a conditional or time-limited open license. For example, for 5 years after release, a so-called Observation Phase, data may only be examined and reviewed on a personal basis, and derivative works are not allowed. This is to allow time for the original authors to prepare their own publications. After this, derivative works are allowed with due attribution only.

Courtesy sharing: If you make use of the data we advise you to inform us, voluntarily, of your planned or completed re-use cases so that we can put people in contact who are working on the same topics to promote collaboration and avoid any needless wasted research time.


For further data requests or queries, including informing us on planned data use or derivative publications, please contact .

Live data repositories

The live data for Project Panormos is stored on a working repository, “Midden” (hosted at University of Cambridge): Access to this server currently requires individual credentials, but may be available to interested bona fide researchers from outside the team on request.

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